About Akian Plumbing & Home Services

There is no

There is no "i" in TEAM

At Akian Plumbing & Home Services you are not just hiring one person but a team of professionals with a broad background in the plumbing, heating and home service industry. With our combined experience (over 100 years) we bring the ability to service, repair, maintain or replace just about anything.

Give us a call today. Our team is prompt, reliable, and ready to help! 

Award Winning

Voted "Best of the Best" in 2018 by Market Surveys of America we are the industry leader in our respective disciplines. With hundreds of 5-star reviews across the internet and a client base in the thousands our devotion to providing excellent customer service and methods are proven.


Knowledge is powerful, but knowing how to apply that knowledge is what we do well here at Akian Plumbing & Home Services. With a market that is forever changing (especially in the heating and hot water industry) we are constantly attending training to keep up to date with the newest technologies.

Practical Applications

Not all systems are created equal. Knowing what is best for your specific situation is another attribute that we pride ourselves in. This "know-how" is valuable especially in regards to heating and hot water systems. Ie: Tank-less water heaters vs. Tank-type water heaters or standard heating systems and boilers vs. high-efficiency heating systems. If you're wondering which system is best for you? We can help!


We take pride in our trade. As plumbers our primary responsibility is to protect the health of the nation! Thanks to plumbing and heating professionals we have clean running water to drink, hot water to bath and wash clothes and dishes with and heat to keep warm in the winter! And for comfort our HVAC division is happy to provide you with cooling services as well!

Proud members of ASPE and PHCC!