Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless Water Heaters

Look no further than the professionals at Akian Plumbing & Home Services for your tankless water heating needs. These systems are sensitive, complex and require qualified personnel to install or work on. Our Technicians are trained and kept up to date with changes in the tankless water heating market. We are certified in Rinnai systems and also have experience installing, servicing, maintaining and repairing Navien, Bosch, Rheem, A.O. Smith and more. If you are thinking of installing a tankless water heater or need a maintenance or repair performed contact Akian Plumbing & Home Services today!

For installations

Our in-home assessment includes the following:

  • Application - Not all units are created equal. We will assess the fixtures and appliances in your home and make sure the system we are specifying is appropriate for you.
  • Engineering - Our assessment includes an engineering calculation of the natural gas system to ensure that upgrades to the gas system are not required before performing our work. (please see below for issues we've had in the past with installations not meeting these requirements)
  • Water Testing - A water test is performed to ensure your incoming cold water pressure meets the units specifications. Also included is a basic water quality test to check for hardness. (please see below for issues we've had in the past with installations not having this test performed)
  • Rebates - Many are unaware of rebate programs out there to help reduce the installation cost of these systems. We will assist in finding a rebate that is right for you!
  • Maintenance & Service Requirements - We will educate you on these systems so you are aware of what is required with these systems once installed.

Why a Gas Calc is Required:

Tankless water heaters require a large gas load. Many times the load is 4 to 5 times larger than the standard residential water heater. A unit installed with an undersized natural gas system will result in issues with the combustion of the unit. The unit may seem at first as if it is working properly and in some cases it has taken years for issues to arise. When these issues do arise it results in costly repairs that are unnecessary if the unit was installed properly to begin with. Up-sizing a gas system can cost thousands of dollars and if this cost is not presented up front can be quite an unpleasant surprise to the client and end user. Our Certified Plumbing Designer, Stephen S. Akian will ensure that this is checked prior to us performing any work.

Water Testing:

Low/high incoming water pressure affect the performance and integrity of the tankless water heater. Low pressure will result in the unit not making hot water as there are minimum flow requirements. High pressure can lead to leaks within the unit and also affect the heat exchange due to water passing through too quickly. We check for hardness as well to ensure calcium or magnesium deposits do not plug-up or negatively affect the unit in any other way.