Water Meters

Water Meter Replacement(s):

Whether adding a water meter or replacing your existing meter, Akian Plumbing & Home Services has knowledge and experience to perform the project to your satisfaction and local codes. Every town/city has their own specification but having replaced meters in Watertown, Belmont, Newton, Waltham and more we understand and follow these specific requirements. Our licensed plumbers will perform the work as required and once complete we will schedule the inspection with the local authorities having jurisdiction which typically is the town DPW and Plumbing Inspector.

Irrigation Meter Projects:

Irrigation Meter Projects:

Most towns/cities (NOT ALL CHECK WITH YOUR LOCAL DPW OR AUTHORITY HAVING JURISDICTION) have reduced rates for those that meter their irrigation system or water that serves outdoor use (outside hose connections for example). With dozens of these types of projects under our belts we come prepared with the knowledge and experience to perform the work to the town/city standards. Once again, each town/city is different and has their own specifications but we are prepared to do the research and ensure work is performed to spec.

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